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Red Line Fire Protection Equipment from Ansul

RED LINE equipment is designed to be used often. So the ability to quickly recharge these units on location is a key feature. All it takes is a supply of Ansul recharge materials, and a few hours of training from your nearby Ansul distributor. Do it yourself or turn all the servicing over to your Authorized Ansul …

Vehicle Suppression | Safety First Fire Prevention

 · ANSUL A101 / LVS SYSTEM. The A101 & LVS systems are an automatic and/or manual fire suppression system. A101 uses foray dry chemical agent for Class A, B & C fires. LVS is an engineered fire suppression liquid with exceptional cooling & coverage properties. These systems are designed for use on large, off-road type construction & mining equipment.

ANSUL | Project Suppliers

Authorized ANSUL distributors regularly attend intense product training programs where they are instructed and tested in the design, installation, and service of ANSUL fire suppression equipment. This continuously develops an experienced global network of authorized distributors who are supported by dedicated field-sales representatives and a professional technical and customer services staff.

Ansul ® LVS & Dual Agent Systems – FSI

 · LVS is part of the ANSUL fire suppression system designed to suppress fires in mobile equipment used in a wide range of industries, underground and surface mining, forestry/logging, construction, waste management, metal processing, transportation, power generation, agribusiness, and others. FSI are Authorised Distributors of ANSUL® products.

Fire Protection for Mobile Mining Equipment

Mobile mining equipment op-erates virtually non-stop with flammable liquids flowing through pressurized lines within inches of super-heated engine blocks. The ANSUL LVS Fire Suppression System provides both fire suppression and superior cooling ofreflash.

Product Detail

17  · The fire suppression system can be used as a protection of large, off-road type construction …

Ansul Vehicle Fire Suppression

Return to Ansul Vehicle Fire Suppression System Details. For the protection of mobile mining equipment, the ANSUL® LVS-15 liquid agent tank is designed for those applications where space is at a premium and twin agent fire suppression technology is preferred or required. With a smaller footprint, the LVS-15 provides a compliment where dry ...

ANSUL® LVS Non-Fluorinated Liquid Suppression Agent | Johnson Controls

 · ANSUL® LVS Non-Fluorinated Liquid Suppression Agent is designed as a drop-in agent replacement in existing ANSUL® LVS fire suppression systems. It does not require any hardware changes or annual agent replacement (only during cylinder pressure test intervals), which lowers fire system maintenance costs and reduces equipment downtime.

Ansul R102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System Animation

 · Animation of the working principle of the UL300 ANSUL R-102 made by Tyco Fire Protection Products.Системы тушения пожаров в ресторанах Ansul R-102Ролик ...

The Ansul Restaurant Fire Suppression System (2 of 4)

 · The Ansul Restaurant Fire Suppression System (2 of 4)Call Fire Safety Supply for questions on any of your fire safety equipment needs! Brought to you by Fire...

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Ansultech Fire Systems supplies an extensive range of fire extinguishers, foam and smoke aspiration fire systems, alarms as well as vehicle fire suppression systems. Their team of experienced engineers is able to identify your requirements and advise on the most effective fire fighting products for you. Ansultech Fire Systems offers industry ...

Ansul Fire Fighting Foam Systems

A variety of Ansul detection and control equipment is available from the simplest alarm horn to a sophisticated analog-addressable control panel. For more information about Ansul Fire Fighting Foam Suppression Systems, contact your nearest Koetter Fire Protection office today!

Product Series

A-101 Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System. The A-101 Fire Suppression System is an automatic or manual fire suppression system using FORAY dry chemical agent for Class A, B, and C fires. The system is designed for use on large, off-road type construction and mining equipment, underground mining equipment and specialty vehicles.

ANSUL Vehicle Systems Fire Suppression Ready/Install Program

Through a partnership with Johnson Controls and ® Global Mining, the Fire Suppression Install Program offers factory-installed ANSUL ® fire suppression systems on select models of surface mining equipment. This new program helps enhance vehicle integrity and longevity and expedites machine delivery including superior designed and ...

Ansul Vehicle Fire Suppression, Detection & Extinguisher Systems …

As mining equipment evolved in size and complexity, they met the challenge by providing fire suppression equipment to meet those needs. Watch our on-demand Ansul VFSS webinar: Learn about the importance of completing daily inspections and best practices to …

Ansul Mini Bulk CO2 Fire Suppression System | Fire Chief Equipment

Ansul Mini Bulk. Your one source for all of your fire protection needs. With tanks offered in sizes of 800, 1000, and 1500 pounds, the Ansul Mini-Bulk Carbon Dioxide suppression system is designed to bridge the gap between small volume high-pressure systems and the very large low-pressure bulk systems. Mini-Bulk tanks offer the same effective ...

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Mining. Fires pose one of the greatest safety threats to mines. You need a fire suppression solution that keeps your crew safe, your equipment secure and your mine operating. ANSUL offers dependable, fast-acting fire suppression solutions to safeguard your people, while protecting your business — even in the most harsh conditions. Safer. Smarter.

Ansul Dry Chemical System | ANSUL A-101 mobile equipment | Wormald

The ANSUL A-101 mobile equipment fire suppression system discharges ANSUL FORAY® multipurpose dry chemical agent to quickly knock down flames. The fixed-nozzle system can be designed to "flood" entire areas with dry chemical agent, or can be aimed at specific high-hazard areas.

LVS Fire Suppression System

The ANSUL A-101 fire suppression system is ideal for use on mobile equipment used in surface and underground mining, forestry, waste management, construction and other industries. Suppress Mobile Equipment Fires The LVS fire suppression system agent

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The standard ANSUL A-101 Mobile Equipment Fire Suppression System discharges proven ANSUL FORAY® multipurpose dry chemical agent, quickly knocking down the flames. With tank capacities from 20 to 250 lbs. (9.1 kg to 113.4 kg), the A-101 fixednozzle system can be designed to "flood" entire volumes with chemical agent, or can be aimed at specific high-hazard areas.

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The fire suppression system can be used as a protection of large, off-road type construction and mining equipment such as large excavators/shovels, draglines, haul trucks, and wheeled loaders. The system also protects underground mining equipment and specialty vehicles such as slag pot and/or slab carriers and tunnel boring machines, as well as waste management equipment and forestry vehicles.

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Cost: 2021 Install Rates

The last thing you want in your restaurant kitchen is an out-of-control fire. That''s why it''s mandatory to install a kitchen–hood fire–suppression system in commercial kitchens across the USA. Typically, the cost of this type of system is around $2,000 to $6,500, depending on several factors. Firstly, we must consider your kitchen.

Industrial and Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems by Ansul

The Ansul A-101 Fire Suppression System is an automatic or manual fire suppression system using FORAY dry chemical agent for Class A, B, and C fires. The system is designed for use on large, off-road type construction and mining equipment, underground mining equipment and specialty vehicles. The combined performance of the Ansul A-101/LVS Twin ...

Advanced Fire Fixed Systems | Ansul fire products

We are the official distributorship of Ansul fire products in Southern Africa allowing us to supply the most advanced fire fighting products in the world. About Advanced Group of Companies Advanced Group of Companies was founded in March 2000 with the vision of a commitment to business ethics, integrity and the ultimate pinnacle of total client satisfaction.

ANSUL® Vehicle Systems | Tyco Fire Protection Products

Vehicle Systems. Johnson Controls offers a vast range of ANSUL® detection and actuation devices for vehicle fire suppression systems. Depending on the application and environment, we can help you safeguard your mobile equipment in the toughest of settings. Please see below or contact us to learn more about ANSUL Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems.

ANSUL Underground Mining

ANSUL Underground mining has provided protection for heavy machinery for over 40 years and is the world''s leading provider of fire suppression systems for heavy vehicles and machinery. Mobile mining equipment operates virtually non-stop with flammable …

''s new factory installed Ansul fire suppression systems

 · now offers factory installed fire suppression systems on certain models of ® surface mining equipment. The integrated designs by engineers help ensure high reliability and extended durability of the systems. The factory installation option ...

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Ansul - Mining Technology Mining News and For 24-hour protection, CHECKFIRE® systems provide automatic fire detection, alarm, equipment shutdown, and fire suppression system(s) operation. The environmentally sealed control module is shock and vibration resistant; and features a self-contained internal power source (and/or vehicle power connection), self-checking diagnostics, and supervised ...

ANSUL Fire Suppression Install Program

fire suppression. Fire Suppression Install Equipment By purchasing surface mining equipment through the Fire Suppression Install Program, you receive: • Risk assessment, proof of design, and installation performed by and ANSUL specialists

ANSUL® LVS Non-Fluorinated Liquid Fire Suppression | Tyco Fire …

ANSUL ® LVS Non-Fluorinated Liquid Suppression Agent prevents reflash by quickly knocking down flames, blanketing the fuel and cutting off oxygen. Effective against Class A and B fires in mobile equipment, this non-fluorinated solution can replace existing foam vehicle fire suppression agents. It changes the game for vehicle fire suppression ...

Fire Suppression Systems Mining Equipment

Fire Suppression Systems Mining Equipment Mining Equipment Fire Suppression Fire protection in mining is essential as the confined spaces and remote locations offer a real impact on fire escape and therefore life safety The financial damage from a total loss of a ...

Vehicle fire suppression systems servicing and maintenance

Vehicle fire suppression systems (VFSS) are the first line of defence for operators to safely escape equipment if there is a fire. Along with keeping your staff safe, VFSS is critical for protecting your equipment. Having a properly installed and working VFSS mitigates the risk of downtime and replacing expensive equipment.


Mobile Mining Equipment Fire Suppression Systems In response to a need for mining vehicle fire protection in the 1960''s, Ansul invented and introduced the A-101™ vehicle fire suppression system. Since that time, mining vehicles have grown in size and complexity — and Ansul has responded by refining and updating the A-101™ system as well as developing automatic detection and control ...